Few words about Dog Walking

Few words about Dog Walking

about Dog Walking in Carlisle

One in five dog owners too lazy to take their pets out every day?

Dog walking from the dog’s residence and then returning is constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy.

The Kennel Club conducted a survey of 1,000 dog owners and found that one in five did not walk their dogs on a daily basis.

Commonly the dog is walked by the owner, or another family member, but there are also professional dog walkers.

My dog love our back garden…

Do you think if dogs get enough exercise walking around their back garden?

Not realy! Often they will walk around for a while but then sit down by the back door.

It’s a legal requirement that an owner has to meet their dog’s daily needs. And that means they need at least one walk of 30 to 60 minutes every day – and ideally a second one.

Do you like walking your dog?

According to the Health Benefits Channel showed that people who walk their dogs could decreased stress, build up muscles and bone strength and regulate their blood pressure.

Walking your dog a every day a week can lower your four leg companion chances of dealing with one of these health issues:

  • issues with obesity
  • osteoarthritis
  • cardiovascular disease
  • liver disease

Many dogs don’t get opportunities to do what their breed instincts tell them to do.

If for any reason you cannot provide adequate walking for your dog, We’ll do it for you. Don’t wait! Book free first visit now!

Benefits of Regular Dog Walking:

  • chances of dealing with dogs health issues
  • variety of sensory stimulation
  • to ward off boredom
  • exercise and mental stimulation for your dog
  • helps build relationships with other dogs
  • can help with your dog’s overall health

In the United States, the first professional dog walker is believed to have been Jim Buck, who in 1960 launched his dog walking service in New York City. He ran a business in which he and two dozen assistants walked more than 150 dogs a day.

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