Pet Sitting & Home Visit

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We are able to come to your home, therefore you can feel good, when you going out. Your dog or pets stay in good hands during our home visit.

When can I order Dog Sitters ?

Always when you need, for example:

  • holiday
  • trips or weekends away
  • your illness or injury

We can visit once or more per day to:

  • feed
  • give medication
  • clean out cages
  • change litter trays

Why Dog Sitting service with us?

Facts about Pet Sitting & Home Visit in Carlisle:


  • We can spend time with your doggie at your home and:

Your pet will be able to enjoy a friendly environment during your absence!

  • Additional we can:
    • walking your dog
    • brushing your dog
    • feed other pets (for example: cats, fish, birds etc.)
    • put bins in/out
    • water the plants