Dogs during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dogs during coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s no surprise a lot of pet owners are worried for their four-legged friends. Are you wondering if your dog or cat can catch coronavirus? We would urge dog owners not to panic. Pets can be a great source of comfort, and time with pets will be a good thing for everyone’s physical and mental health. We encourage all pet owners to take sensible precautions, and follow the latest Government guidelines.

We’ve been answering some of your questions:

Can dogs transmit coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The World Health Organisation says:

“While there has been one instance of a dog being infected in Hong Kong, to date, there is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19.”

The good news is:

Current advice from the WHO (World Health Organisation) and BVA (British Veterinary Association) is that there’s no evidence that pets can be a source of infection or that they can become sick from coronavirus.

COVID-19 is mostly spreading from person to person when an infected individual coughs, sneezes or speaks. It seems unlikely that there is any risk of coronavirus being transmitted to humans from dogs.

As with any surface, if someone with coronavirus touches, sneezes or coughs on a dog, the virus could temporarily contaminate them. Although we don’t know how long COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, scientists think that it could range from a few hours to several days, depending on the type of surface, how warm it is and levels of humidity.

What is the best way to prevent during COVID-19?

Precautions with my own dog and other dogs:

  • avoid them licking your face
  • avoid sharing a bed with your pet
  • regularly wash your hands with soap and water after handling or feeding dogs
  • avoid stroking other people’s dogs

Never put alcohol-based hand wash or disinfectants on your dog, as this could irritate their skin or may be poisonous if it’s licked!

Can I take my dog out for a walk during coronavirus pandemic?

If you are not quarantined because you, or a member of your family, have shown signs of coronavirus, then latest Government guidance allows for one walk per day for each person, as long as social distance is maintained between people and dogs.

You can also ask others to walk your dog or choose a professional dog walking service.

Can I take my dog to the vet?

Unless your dog requires urgent treatment you should avoid visiting the vets. Government advice is to stay at home and avoid others unless absolutely necessary. If your dog needs urgent veterinary care during coronavirus pandemic, call your local veterinary practice and ask them for advice. All vets will only be providing limited services and may be retaining some stocks that may be useful for human health. Your vet will be able to advise on what services they can offer.

Local vets:

If you are quarantined do not visit the surgery in person as you could infect other people.

How can I keep my dog trained, entertained and stimulated?

This time may be difficult and frustrating for us and our dogs.

Bored dogs may show signs of behavioural issues, so it’s important that you supplement their normal exercise routine with activities in your home and garden.

Find some excellent advice from Dogs Centre in Carlisle.

Can I stroke other people’s dogs?

We’re all trying to avoid getting too close to other people and it’s best to avoid stroking other people’s dogs too.

If you do, remember to clean your hands with an alcohol based hand gel or wash your hands with soap and warm water.

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